Xebec Pirate Ship Model 37"L

Xebec Model Pirate Ship

Xebec Pirate Ship Model 37"L

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days.

measures: 37"L x 27"H x 7"W
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The three masted Xebec with its lateen sails was used for centuries in the Mediteranean as a merchant ship because of its speed and shallow draught. It was not long before Corsairs, the pirates of the Mediteranean, decided on the Xebec as their vessel of choice for lighting fast attacks on heavier ladened merchant ships.

With its fourteen cannons slug low in the waists, the Xebec would hole her prey just inchs above the waterline making escape impossible. Six culverins were mounted along the poop deck for close action or just in case the crew tried to mutiny. Oars were used when the wind failed giving the Xebec the upper hand in attacking other vessels or fleeing the authorities.

The xebec under sail was a beautiful sight, and it is said that the design was one of the fastest and most agile in the Mediterranean. Some of the same qualities that made it so successful in light seas also made it unsuitable for rough weather. The low freeboard and the shallow draught made the vessel vulnerable to swamping, and it would roll heavily on anything more than moderate waves.

Pirate Ship Model Description:
  • Pirate Ship Model Measures 37"L x 27"H x 7"W (including foremast)

  • The Xebec Model Pirate Ship is shipped to you fully assembled and ready for display in your home or place of business

  • This wooden model ship comes with a wood base and a metal name plate

  • This Xebec model pirate ship is entirely handmade piece by intricate piece by skillful and experienced master craftsmen, using the plank on frame construction method - no kits are used

  • We only use the highest quality woods in constructing our museum quality pirate model ships

  • The following rare woods used to build our model pirate ships were subjected to severe conditioning (put over fire & sun dried), to ensure your model will withstand any climate and thus, preventing the wood from becoming twisted or fractured:
    Ebony, English Sycamore, Rosewood, Black Wood, Cherry, Mahogany, Yellow Wood & Jack Wood

  • Canons, muskets, anchors, decorative fixtures and other intricate details on this historic model ship are sculpted of metal

  • Sails are handmade and rigging lines vary in weight, color and texture

  • Our wooden pirate ship models are built according to scale through original plans, pictures and drawings

  • The finished Xebec model pirate ship is carefully inspected for quality and accuracy numerous times before final packaging

Xebec Pirate Ship Model 37"LXebec Pirate Ship Model 37"LXebec Pirate Ship Model 37"LXebec Pirate Ship Model 37"L
Xebec Pirate Ship Model 37"LXebec Pirate Ship Model 37"L

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